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Featured 14th Jan-2022

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You have your bags packed for the upcoming vacation. After all, it is a getaway with your family!

And we know you would want your vacation to be perfect! So, just before you start, we would want to remind you about the documents that will need in your trip, like your passport, visa, identity proofs and most importantly, your travel insurance policy.

You should never leave for a trip without buying travel insurance. A travel insurance is like a guide who will help and assist you if ever you fall in trouble in a foreign country. It’s like a friend who is there in all times of need. And also, in some countries, it is mandatory for you to have travel insurance to enter it. Thankfully Digit believes in a zero-hardcopy policy, so your travel insurance policy documents are all accessible via your email!

Here are the major highlights of what your travel insurance covers you for:

Common Carrier Delay

If your flight gets delayed, your travel insurance pays for the expenses you incur during that period

Delay Of Checked-In Baggage

If your checked-in luggage is delayed for longer than expected, your travel insurance pays for the expenses you might have incurred due to that

Total/Partial Loss Of Checked-In Baggage

If your airline misplaces your all or some of your checked-in bags, your insurer compensates you accordingly

Trip Abandonment

If you’ve had to cut short your trip unexpectedly due to a serious unavoidable reason

Trip Cancellation

If you had to cancel your trip last minute, for any unforeseen reason your travel insurer reimburses your travel and accommodation expenses

Emergency Medical Treatment And Evacuation

Covers you for unexpected hospitalisation, out-patient treatment, medical evacuation or transfer of mortal remains to the place of origin

Personal Accident

If the accident is fatal or has led to a permanent total disability or permanent partial disability

Missed Connection

If you’ve missed your connecting flight/train due to the delayed arrival of your first flight/train

Loss Of Passport

In case your passport goes missing in a foreign land, you are reimbursed for expenses incurred in getting an emergency certificate and/or a duplicate passport

Loss Of Baggage And Personal Belongings

If you lose your personal baggage and belongings due to theft, larceny, robbery or hold-up

Compassionate Family Visit

If you’ve been hospitalised due to an accidental injury/sickness and require family’s assistance, one member’s cost of travel and accommodation is reimbursed

Accidental Death And Disability

If it’s an accident while riding as a passenger in or on the aircraft and that has led to death, permanent total disability or permanent partial disability

And, other than these, travel insurance covers you for adventure sports too. However not a lot of insurers offer this benefit, but Digit’s Travel Insurance does.  After all, what is an international trip without adventure sports!

Now you know why taking a travel insurance is almost ensuring that your trip just goes as perfect as you want it to be.

So, that’s taken care of. But, what about your home that is left alone and unprotected for all the while you and your family are on vacation?

If you get worried about the jewellery in your almirah back home, in the middle of sight-seeing, that’s completely valid! When you are out on vacation, it’s vacation for the burglars too, just that it’s at your place. They have complete knowledge of when you are leaving and returning.

So, what’s the solution you ask? We don’t like to brag, but we have a solution for that too  :D.  Your own home protection plan or home insurance! Home insurance covers you for burglary, natural disasters like floods, earthquakes etc, accidents like fire, and damage/theft of jewellery.

And what’s more, you can buy it only for the period that you are on vacation. So, the other important document that you should have before leaving your house, is your home insurance policy document.

So, before you leave your house take a quick but good look at the documents requires. And enjoy the perfect festive getaway by securing your trip as well as your home, buying both travel insurance and home insurance

In case you are wondering where you can get them, we are here to help! Just click on the links below.