You’re wise! You’re about to protect your biggest asset, your home.

Why do I need home protection? Good question!

Home burglaries can happen even in the most secure places.
Your home is expensive! An average 2BHK has contents worth ₹5 lakhs
Jewellery and gadgets are kept at home and they cost a lot!
There is no one to watch your home, especially when you are travelling
Holiday Home Protection

We know how much you love your home. So, we ensure what’s inside it stays protected.

Unique Holiday Home Protection

If you’re away from home for a holiday, we give you the option to choose this short-term burglary-cover with a lesser premium.

Prices at the cost of a Pizza

₹2 lakhs Sum Insured, starts from ₹199. That’s how much a pizza would cost, right? Funny how it costs the same to protect your home as it does to fill your tummy.

Jewellery coverage

You’re most worried about the jewellery, we know that. So, we’ve added it to the cover.

24*7 Customer Care

If you come back late at night and some damage is to be reported, we’re there for you.

What’s Covered


  • Your home is full of expensive stuff like TV, Gadgets, Furniture. So, if someone forcibly enters and steals something from inside your home, we cover the loss.

Loss/Damage of Jewellery

  • If you’ve left your precious jewels at home and they are burgled or damaged due to fire or natural disasters, we cover the loss up to 20% of total sum insured.


  • If a candle sets your curtain on fire or for any other reason your home contents are damaged due to fire like due to the explosion of a gas cylinder, we cover the damage.

Natural Disasters

  • If weather gods damage your belongings, we cover the loss.

We hate last minute surprises

So here are things that we want you to know right at the start

We don’t cover for theft: i.e., there is no sign of breakage or forced entry in the house

Any type of consequential loss or legal liabilities are not covered

If any loss or damage is caused to livestock, motor vehicles, or other valuables like cash, cheque or credit/debit cards, we will not cover that

Any damage due to Terrorism is not covered

When a claim happens, we might have to assess the value of the damaged or burgled contents. If you have an invoice for them, the process will be faster else we will take a few days for the assessment.

The claim amount will be adjusted after considering standard depreciation