How to Engage and Teach Kids At Home?

What Are the Tips to Help Children Learn at Home?

What Are the Benefits of Teaching Children at Home?

Why Home Is the Best Place to Start a Child’s Education?

FAQs about How to Teach Kids at Home

What can I teach my child other than studying?

You can teach them life skills from an early age, such as health and hygiene, decision-making, cleaning, managing time, etc. Also, teach them to be thankful, humble and respectful towards people.

How do I convince my lazy 3-year-old to study?


The first thing to note here is to stay as patient as possible. It is natural for children to be lazy or disobedient. However, you need to make learning a fun process.

You can make it engaging by incorporating various other ways to raise their curiosity and interest. It could be by drawing pictures, playing, or taking small breaks.

Shall I scold my daughter if she gets regularly distracted from studying?

In this regard, it is crucial to understand why your child gets distracted. If they don't like studying, then you can improve their teaching methods. Ask them why they are not willing to study and make them understand.

Is rewarding my child after every task they complete a bad thing?


No, if it is not a regular thing. If you make it regular, their attention will stay on getting the reward rather than studying. This might inculcate a bad habit. Hence consider aligning their focus to their study more than on the reward.

However, you can do so in a different manner. For example, if they completed a hard task and you rewarded them, that will be a symbol of praising them for doing the work well. Let them only expect a reward after some tasks.