How to Plan for Your Child's Education Expenses?

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Where to Invest to Grow Money for Child’s Education?

How Much Amount Need to Be Saved for Your Child's Education?

FAQs about Planning Your Child’s Education Expense

Why is a child education plan important?

Financial planning for your child’s education is important to secure their career. They can  go to the best colleges and receive the finest education without any additional burden on the parent. This helps them to excel in their career and be at the top position.

How much money would you require to pay for child education in India?

Parents should maintain a budget between ₹5.5 Lakhs and ₹9.5 Lakhs to ensure that their kid receives the best education. However, this amount can vary depending upon the city of education, type of college and course selected.

How can you save more for a child's education?

You can strictly adhere to your budget, cut down unnecessary expenses, and invest more in long-term plans with high returns to ensure more savings for child education.

Can I calculate the amount I need to save for child education online?

Yes, you can use an online calculator for planning child education costs. After getting a calculator, you need to enter inputs like the child's age at present and at the beginning of the course, rate of returns and inflation, present cost of education and saved amount.