How to Ensure a Regular Income Stream for Your Family?

What to Consider When Setting an Income Stream for Your Family?

What Is a Guaranteed Savings Plan?

5 Beneficial Features Of Guaranteed Savings Plan

How Does Guaranteed Savings Plan Help Create An Income Stream?

FAQs on Regular Income Stream for Your Family

Why does a guaranteed savings plan work?

Guaranteed savings plans work because they provide high tax-free returns in the long term. Moreover, they are also flexible, which means they can be modified to individual needs and also provide insurance in uncertain situations.

What is the drawback of the guaranteed savings plan?

One slight flaw of the guaranteed savings plan is that you can lose all the financial benefits if you do not pay the premium amount for the entire term of the plan.

What documents are required for availing of a guaranteed savings plan?

For applying for a savings plan, you require medical documents, address proof, identity proof, proof of salary, and other KYC documents, depending on the requirements of your provider.