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FAQs About Investing Jointly As a Couple

What is a joint investment account? How is it different from an individual investment account?

A joint investment account is an investment portfolio belonging to two or more individuals. Joint investment accounts can be shared between family members. However, these are commonly held by couples as it makes a good option for them to invest jointly.  You can withdraw money from it and decide on the portfolio's assets together. On the other hand, an individual investment account belongs only to an individual; no one else has rights over it.

What are some common types of joint investment accounts for couples?

There are several types of joint investment accounts available for couples, like joint brokerage accounts, joint savings accounts, and joint retirement accounts. Each type has its own benefits and limitations, so conduct research before choosing any of these.

What happens to a joint investment account in case of the demise of a partner?

The joint investment account goes to the surviving account holder's ownership upon the death of a partner. In case of the demise of all joint holders, the nominee gets hold of it. And if no nominee is registered, the joint investment will be transferred to the legal heirs.