What is the Difference Between Auditor and Accountant?

Who Is an Auditor?

Who Is an Accountant?

Auditor Vs Accountant- What Is the Difference?

After the financial accounting process is completed for a year, only then the auditing process can start. Let’s differentiate between accounting and auditing here.




Job Role

An auditor takes a look at the financial statement of the company and evaluates its accuracy.

An accountant prepares the company’s financial statements at the year’s end. Thus, it determines the financial stability of the company.

Relationship with the company

An auditor is mostly hired from an outside firm to verify the accuracy and precision of an accountant’s work. Thus, they have no financial relations with the company.

An accountant is usually an employee of the company for which they work.

Regularity of Work

Auditors need not work daily, and they usually perform accounting work either annually or quarterly.

Accountants need to work on a daily basis to maintain accounts.


Auditors usually need to move around from one company to another to conduct audits.

Accountants work in their own office premises or workspace, as they work for a specific company.


Hiring an auditor is optional for a company.

Hiring an accountant is a basic requirement of a company or business.

Regulated by

An auditor’s work is governed by International Auditing Standards.

An accountant’s work is regulated by International Accounting Standards.

Level of Responsibility

An auditor is far more responsible than an accountant, as the report that they issue certifies the accountant’s work.

Their responsibility is to present a fair view of the company’s financial position to its stakeholders.

Thus, it can be said that all financial auditors are accountants but all accountants cannot be financial auditors.

Types of Auditors

Types of Accountants

Which One Is Better Auditor or Accountant?

FAQs About the Differences Between Auditor and Accountant

Are there any similarities between an auditor and an accountant?

An accountant and auditor belong to the beginning and end of the accounting system. While an accountant is responsible for preparing books of accounts, an auditor’s job role is to verify their accuracy.

What should an accountant have in addition to becoming an auditor?

As per the Companies Act 2013, an accountant or any other individual should be a qualified chartered accountant to become an auditor.

Does an auditor enjoy more freedom than an accountant?

Yes, because an auditor has an agent-principal relationship with the management, whereas an accountant has an employee-employer relationship with the management.