What Are the Key Roles and Responsibilities of FP&A?

What Are the Important Roles and Responsibilities of FP&A?

What Should You Expect From a Financial Planner in India?

What Are Challenges Faced in FP&A?

FAQs About the Key Roles and Responsibilities of FP&A

Do financial planners provide proper investment planning services?

Yes, financial planners will analyse the financial position of your business as well as its risk-taking capability and help you decide the best possible and profitable investment option.

How many types of FP&A are performed?


Financial analysis is done in three different techniques as mentioned below:

  1. Horizontal analysis
  2. Vertical analysis
  3. Ratio analysis

What are the types of risks present in finance?

Various types of risks are involved in finance that comprise credit risk, asset-backed risk, liquidity risk, equity risk, foreign investment risk, currency risk, and so on.

What are the key components of financial planning?

The essential components of financial planning include cash flow planning, investment planning, tax planning, budget planning, communication and record keeping, risk management, and insurance planning.