What Is Reinsurance in India: Types, Regulations and Growth

What Are the Phases of the Development and Growth of Reinsurance in India?

What Are the Requirements for Formation and Licensing of Reinsurance?

What Are the Types of Reinsurance in India?

What Are Laws Related to Reinsurance in India?

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FAQs About Reinsurance in India

What is reinsurance recoverable?

Reinsurance recoverable signifies an insurance agency's losses from the claims which are recovered from the reinsurance companies. Such recoverables are treated as one of the largest assets on the balance sheet of the original insurance company.

What are the advantages of reinsurance in India?


Some noteworthy benefits and services catered by the reinsurance companies are as follows:

  • Enriches insurance business
  • Safeguards from natural calamities 
  • Lowers premium 
  • Facilitates company growth 
  • Reduces profit fluctuations

Do insurers pay premiums to reinsurers?

Yes, insurance agencies pay premiums to reinsurance providers just as policyholders pay insurance companies premiums.

Which is the principal reinsurance agency in India?

In India, the largest reinsurance organisation is the General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC).