What are the Effects of Video Games on Children?

Positive Effects of Video Games on Children

Negative Effects of Video Games on Children

What are the Signs of Video Game Addiction in Children?

What are the Prevention of Negative Effects of Video Games on Children?

FAQs about Effects of Video Games on Children

How long can children play games online without facing negative effects?

A study has shown that playing video games for 1-2 hours a week results in good motor skills among children of age 7-11. Any more than that can cause several physical and psychological issues. This is why parents should carefully regulate the hours a child spends on a virtual game.

What other activities can kids do instead of playing video games?

There are many productive things that children can do in their free time, such as painting, reading books, going outside for a walk or playing, etc. Moreover, they can also learn new languages, play an instrument, etc., skills that will stay with them forever and enrich them.

What to do if my child is already addicted to video games?

You can cure your child’s addiction by controlling its triggers. However, if you feel like you cannot manage the negative effects of video games, it is better to seek help from a professional. Depending on the level of addiction, your child will need behavioural therapy or counselling sessions.