How to Choose a pediatrician That Is Right for Your Child?

Why a Pediatrician and Not a General Practitioner for your newborn?

How to Choose a pediatrician for a Newborn?

What Are the Things to Consider While Choosing a pediatrician?

What Are Some Questions to Ask a pediatrician?

What to Expect From Your pediatrician?

What to Do When You Need to Switch pediatricians?

FAQs on How to Choose a Pediatrician for your Child

What to do when my child is running a high fever?

Usually, high fevers are nothing to worry about unless the child in question is a newborn. Do not fret. Ask your pediatrician for advice or suggestions on how to comfort your child. Try bathing the infant in lukewarm water to lower the temperature.

What are the roles of a pediatrician?

A pediatrician is responsible for administering treatment, therapy, medication, vaccination, etc. to treat or prevent illness, disease, or injury in children and infants.

What is the difference between a pediatrician and child specialist?

A pediatrician refers to a physician who provides medical care to the children and infants. Whereas, a child specialist is a mental health practitioner who provides mental therapy to children whose parents are involved in separation and divorce procedures.