What Are Some Easy Ways to Save Money for Retirement?

What Are the Best Ways To Save Money for Retirement?

How Much Money to Save for Retirement?

FAQs About Easy Ways to Save Money for Retirement

What is the 4% rule of retirement?


It is a traditional outlook instilled among retirees who desire their corpus to produce sufficient returns to sustain at least 30 years post-retirement. Therefore, they consider not spending more than 4% of their entire savings in the first year of their retirement and then raising the spending bracket to keep pace with inflation. 


What is the biggest expense for most retirees?

Though many consider medical bills to be the primary concern source, this is not always the case. Instead, most retirees in India experience housing expenses as the most significant challenge as the mortgage payments, rental price, property taxes etc., keep on appreciating each year.

What is the fastest way to save for retirement?

You should start arranging for retirement funds as soon as you enter into a stable professional realm. Consider investing in tax-saving instruments like PPF, and do not avoid taking advantage of employer-funded pension schemes if you get one. Finally, automate your monthly deposits to instil discipline in savings towards your retirement goals.