Bangalore Aeroshow 2019: A nightmare for many.

Team Digit, 16 Mar 2019

And how 4 of them found a friend who made the journey a little easy.

This is the story of Cynith, Vamsi, Asit and Uttam. 4 individuals who had gone to watch The Bangalore Aeroshow 2019. As they were settling in enjoying the tricks in the sky, little did they know that their car parked in the parking lot was burning to ashes.

Yes, that tragic incident that took away around 300 cars, burning them to the ground. And sadly 4 of our customers faced the brunt too. So, we thought of bringing to you their stories and how with a little blush on our cheeks, we at Digit rolled up our sleeves to help them get their claims as fast as possible. Btw, the four names we took are really our customers. Real names, real stories. We are grateful to all 4 of them for sharing their stories with us, and in turn helping others to understand what to do in such tragic times.

As Cynith, Vamsi, Asit and Uttam learnt about the fire in the parking lot, they rushed to see if the tragedy had taken a toll on their beloved vehicles too. And unfortunately, it had.

While they were reeling with grief, they had one hope: their Digit Car Insurance policy. Without wasting too much time, they gave us a call and informed us about what had happened. Now, it was our turn to be the friend who will help in such a dire need. We needed to be quick, efficient and simple for the customer.

So, here’s what we did to ensure we are what we wanted to be:

-          As soon as we received the call, we fixed a time when someone from our team would personally meet the customer and for a manual survey. We know time was of essence here, and hence didn’t want to waste any time  for estimate and the pictures.

-          Post the survey, we did a video call with our Technical Network Head, who approved the claim at the very moment on the call.

-          Once the damages were approved, we asked the customer to share the required documents and ensured that they sent it to us at the earliest.

-          As soon as the documents were received, we shared the payment.

And this entire process was completed in 4 days!

Well we are just very happy and content that we could atleast help these 4 customers, in overcoming the immense loss, without delaying too much. And like how Karma works, they had some very nice things to say about us

“Would really like to take a moment and appreciate the quick actions taken by you and your team. It's been bad from a past few days, just running pillar to post in a couple of government offices. The only silver lining was the quick responses and 2/3 follow up calls from your end everyday. I have been added to a WhatsApp group consisting of all victims of the fire mishap, and can just here them crying their hearts out due to the lack of response from the insurance agent. I was one of the few who did not have this woe. Thanks again, will definitely ask for Go Digit and I have already started suggesting my colleagues on this policy.”- Cynith Lobo
“The team has helped me a lot in the insurance claim. I strongly recommend anyone in the future to opt for go digit insurance. specially appreciate Mr. Suhas who has helped out at every step of the whole process and made it easier to process the claim. I had to only handover the documents over courier and by then the process has already been initiated. everything was done over the phone and the documents were shared over WhatsApp. one part of the payment cheque was delivered to home in person. I will go with the same company for any future insurances.” - Vamsi Krishna
“Excellent service provided by the digit insurance co. Especially Mr Suhas and Mr Bableshwar did a great job kept following with the client every now and then, thank you so much!” - Meghaa Mutha, Uttam Chand’s daughter

Well, when we say we love claims, we mean it with all our heart.

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