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How to File Health Insurance Claim Online?

Want to File a Health Insurance Claim?

Health Insurance Claims Made Simple with Digit

Types of Health Insurance Claims

  • Cashless Claim - As the name suggests, a cashless claim means you don’t pay anything from your pocket if you choose to get treated at any of our network hospitals. As per your health insurance plan, your insurance provider a.k.a we will cover for your treatments. However, do keep in mind that the extent of this will depend on your plan and coverage benefits. 
  • Reimbursement Claim - A Reimbursement claim is one of most common types of health insurance claims. In this case, you can get treated at any hospital, whether it is a network hospital or not doesn’t matter. As per your health insurance plan and coverage benefits, you can apply for a reimbursement within 15 days of discharge.

How to make a Cashless Claim?

How to make a Reimbursement Claim?

Documents Required for a Health Insurance Claim

Whether you go for a cashless claim or reimbursement, here’s an exhaustive list of documents you may need to upload or submit while making a health insurance claim. Don’t worry, the documents differ from claim to claim but this list has everything possible. You may need only a few or all of them based on your situation.

List of Documents Hospital-ization Claim Critical Illness Claim Daily Hospital Cash Claim
Duly Filled and Signed Claim form
Discharge Summary ×
Medical Records (Optional Documents may be asked on need basis: Indoor case papers, OT notes, PAC notes etc.) ×
Original Hospital Main Bill × ×
Original Hospital Main Bill with breakup × ×
Original Pharmacy Bills with Prescriptions (except hospital supply) and investigations done outside the Hospital) × ×
Consultation & Investigation Papers ×
Digital Images/CDs of the Investigation Procedures (if required) × ×
KYC (Photo ID Card) Bank Details with Cancelled Cheque
There are some more documents that will be needed only in specific cases, such as:
In case of pregnancy related claims- Ante-natal Record, Birth discharge Summary × ×
In case of an accident or involvement of police- MLC/FIR Report ×
In case of death or disability- Post Mortem Report, Death Certificate or Disability Certificate Original Invoice/Sticker (If applicable) × ×
Attending Physician Certificate (If applicable) ×

Network Hospitals for Cashless Facility

The empanelled hospitals shown on Digit website are not updated in real time, for updated information please check the below TPA lists and the respective TPAs.

Name of TPA

Type of Policy


Medi Assist Insurance TPA Private Ltd.

Retail & Group


Paramount Health Services & Insurance TPA Private Ltd.



Health India Insurance TPA Services Private Limited



Good Health Insurance TPA Limited



Family Health Plan Insurance TPD Ltd (FHPL)



We also have arranged a direct tie-up with some hospitals. These are in addition to the hospital network we maintain with our TPAs

FAQs about Digit Health Insurance Claims