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OnePlus Insurance Made Simple!

It’s the first thing you look at every morning. You steal glances at it every now and then. You swore you couldn’t live without it. It’s the last thing you look at before you fall asleep. Almost everything in your life today depends on it. Your Memories. Bookings. Bills. Money. Friends. Family. You can tend to be careless with it but can’t bear to see anything happen to it. Especially not if it’s that sleek and stunning OnePlus you’re talking about! After all, which other mobile phone offers you with such exceptional specs at a price that’s actually worth it? Moreover, with the OnePlus 7 launch this month, we’re sure that they’ve already outdone themselves once again. In a world where everything is going digital, protecting your OnePlus too can be done on your mobile, online! After all, it’s one of those phones that actually lasts for one to two years and you want to make sure it always looks its best!

What’s great about Digit’s OnePlus Mobile Insurance?


Screen Damage

Covers your OnePlus screen in case of an Accidental Damage

Advance cash

Upfront cash for repairs

We give you cash upfront, so you can choose to get your OnePlus repaired whenever, wherever!

White globe

Global Coverage

Your OnePlus will be protected, no matter where you are in the world!

Anyone can use it

Your OnePlus is protected, irrespective of who is using it

OnePlus Mobile Insurance that fits your needs

We have primarily two OnePlus mobile insurance plans to choose from, depending on how long you plan to use it for!

6 months cover

If you’re planning to change your mobile & do not want a long-term commitment, get a OnePlus insurance for 6 months only.

12 months cover

When you’re in a long-term relationship with your OnePlus. Protect your OnePlus from one of your biggest fears- screen damage!

Buying is as easy as 1‑2‑3

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A quick ‘Screen Test’ of your phone

Download the screen test app using the link sent on your phone. This app will check for any internal damage to the screen


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An External Video Check

Shoot & upload a video of the phone you want to insure, using the link sent on your alternate number. This will help us check for any external damage


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Payment & Policy Activation

If all goes well, we will send you the payment link & issue your policy! 😃

And, how to claim for your mobile insurance?

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Tell us about your heartbreak or screen break!

Drop a call at 1800‑258‑5956


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Help us, Help you

We will assess your mobile phone using an app. Don’t worry we will make it as easy as possible.


Claim Approved


Your Phone, Your Choice

We give you cash up front, so that you can repair your mobile phone at your preferred service centre

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