Protect your new OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro

Protect your new OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro

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What’s great about Digit’s OnePlus 7/7 Pro Mobile Insurance?

  • New & Used phones - Now insurance for brand new phones as well as old/used ones.
  • Accidental Screen damage covered - Screen damages are the most common. We cover them!
  • Low prices - Buy this cover at almost the cost of a Screen Guard!
  • Worldwide cover - Travel around the world worry-free. Our insurance is valid everywhere.
  • IMEI linked cover - Whether you use the phone or your family or friend does, this insurance will be valid for all. It is linked to the IMEI of the phone & not the user.
  • Upfront cash for repair - At the time of buying, we will show you an amount, called Sum Insured. Post claim approval, you get the full amount, upfront.

Protect your New OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro

It’s that time of the year again when the mighty underdog, OnePlus decides to raise the bar a little more higher. Staying true to its philosophy of ‘Never Settle’, it comes back year after year with innovations and specs like no other, all bundled into a price that’s well worth its premium price. This year, they’ve come up with not one but two phones at once – OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. While the OnePlus 7 is an impressive upgrade of the OnePlus 6T, the OnePlus 7 Pro is that stunner everyone’s talking about. In fact, the folks at OnePlus and our tech savvy Twitteratis too are convinced, that it's their best smartphone yet. After all, it comes with the two things people love talking about; its versatile camera (three times the fun, with an additional selfie pop-up camera!) and, the display which is said to be their best one till date; both in terms of design specifications and size.

OnePlus Mobile Insurance that fits your needs

We have primarily two OnePlus mobile insurance plans to choose from, depending on how long you plan to use it for!

6 months cover

If you’re planning to change your mobile soon and do not want a long-term commitment, get a mobile insurance for 6 months only.

12 months cover

If you’ve just got a new phone or plan on using your current one for another one year, it’s wise to get a mobile insurance for up to 12 months. 

Buying is as easy as 1‑2‑3

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A quick ‘Screen Test’ of your phone

Download our app using this link. This will allow us to check for any internal damages in your mobile screen.


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An External Video Check

Shoot and upload a video of the phone you want to insure using the link that will be sent to your alternate mobile number. This will allow us to check for any external damages to your phone.


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Complete Payment Process

Make the required payment for the plan chosen. Once the screen tests are confirmed, we’ll send you your policy via email!

And, how to claim for your mobile insurance?

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Tell us about your heartbreak or screen break!

Drop a call at 1800‑258‑5956


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Help us, Help you

We will assess your mobile phone using an app. Don’t worry we will make it as easy as possible.


Claim Approved


Your Phone, Your Choice

We give you your sum insured in cash upfront so that you can repair your mobile phone at any service center you like!

The Shield to your OnePlus 7/7 Pro Screen

Chances are, you’re probably reading this because you’ve saved some money and are eagerly looking at buying the new OnePlus 7 or 7 Pro or, are have already taken the leap and bought yourself the smartphone everyone’s going to be talking about for a while. So, while everyone rambles about the two new phones in the hood and their awesome features, we’re here to tell you how you can protect your new OnePlus in some of the most simplest ways. After all, you really don’t want one of the main highlights of the phone-the display screen to be hurt or damaged at all. Sometimes, even a scratch hurts! (especially when it’s just fresh out of the box!)

1. Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let it fall - It’s what we like doing best when we get a new phone and why not? Some additional protection never hurts. Get your new love a cover that you think will last and will make for a strong grip so you can avoid it from slipping and falling off your hands. You can even get a tempered glass for additional protection, but that may compromise on the look and feel of your new display.

2. The Unbreakable - More often than not, most accidental damages with our mobiles are not under our control. Sometimes, we don’t even know how and when that little crack even appeared in the first place! For all those unfortunate situations, there’s a simple solution- a mobile insurance for your OnePlus. Understanding day-to-day situations and how millennials use their phones today, and how ridiculously pricey screen repairs can be! (on an average, it could take you at least up to Rs 7,000 to repair your new One Plus 7 or 7 Pro phone); we now offer an insurance (that can be easily bought online!) that protects the love of your life from all accidental screen damages (no matter where it happens or who causes it!) without costing you anything at the time of damage or repair. So, no matter what happens, your phone will always look like it’s new and well, unbreakable! P.S: In case you’re wondering what’s the point of your mobile warranty? Well, your mobile warranty unfortunately won't cover your screen damages. The only thing it does however cover is manufacturing defects like overheating, software bugs, etc.

3. Your mom is right - We finally all come back to thinking how our mothers were always right. Sigh. Unless it’s pixie dust your phone is home to, you may want to clean your phone with a micro-fibre cloth once in a while. Especially the screen, the headphone jack and the speakers. Trust us, your phone can get a lot dirtier than we think! Moreover, dust can cause a lot of internal damages to your phone if you not taken care of.
With just a teeny bit of precautions and a sound mobile insurance, your relationship with your new OnePlus is all set for a smooth start.