Things you should know when doing Investment Planning for Minors

Why Are Saving Schemes Important for Minors?

When Should We Start Investing for Minors?

What Is the Preparation Strategy to Start Investment for Minors?

What Are the Documents Needed to Invest in Saving Schemes for Minors?

FAQs about Investment Plans for Minors

Which saving scheme is best for children? up-arrow

PPF, or Public Provident Fund, is one of the best investment plans for the child. Additionally, equities offer a better opportunity to earn a higher return in the long run, while investing in the stock market is quite risky.

What is a child-saving plan? up-arrow

Child saving plans provide dual benefits of investment with insurance. As a parent, you can invest in these plans to save for your child’s future education, marriage, or in any emergency situation.

Can a minor account be closed? up-arrow

A minor account can be closed but the account holder or to whom the account is entitled to, should give a prior notice to the bank in written form and all its outstanding payments should be made clear.