How to Say Comforting Words for Serious Illness to Family?

How to Tell Comforting Words to the Family of a Terminally Ill Person?

How to Tell Your Family About Critical Illness?

How to Tell Comforting Words for Serious Illness to Children?

FAQs about Telling Your Family Regarding Critical Illness

What not to say while conveying my terminal illness to my family?

There are various reasons to get angry at oneself because of a terminal illness. Try not to reciprocate that to other people at times, especially to your child. It is completely normal to feel this way as it might also make your family members anxious.

Can I not tell anyone about my cancer?


People will eventually know about the inevitable truth one way or other. Hence it is feasible to let them know beforehand than to make it look like a shock.

You can opt to talk about it whenever you feel like but choosing not to convey it might have drastic effects on your family members. However, if there is any reason behind it, try to resolve it before you leave.

Do I need to tell my colleagues about my terminal illness?

It completely depends on you. However, if you choose to, tell your trusted office colleague beforehand. You will also need to inform the HR authority since they’ll require a viable reason for your absence. Thereafter, you can inform others by yourself if it is physically and mentally possible for you.

Can I consult grief counselling while telling my child about my critical illness?

Yes. Often it might be harder to speak about this to your child for which you might need professional help. However, it is significant to have a background check on the counsellor so that you can stay assured of the whole process.