What are the Dos’ and Don’ts of Funeral Donation and Gifts?

Dos’ of Donating and Gifting in Honour of Your Loved One

Don’ts of Funeral Donations and Gifts

FAQs About Dos’ and Don’ts of Funeral Donations and Gifts

Can I bring sweets to a funeral?

In Indian culture, sweets denote a symbol of celebration. Hence it is better to avoid bringing it to funerals.

Can I give gift vouchers instead of money for funerals?

Gift vouchers go with celebratory notions meant for gifting people during any festival or for any joyous occasion. Hence it is better to stick with donation money than giving gift vouchers.

Can I bring clothes for the deceased at a funeral?

There are several cultural meanings behind grooming the deceased with new clothes. You can also bring some for the deceased but make sure that the choice of clothing does not hurt any religious aspect of the funeral.

What should I consider before buying a sympathy gift?

Since India is a multicultural nation, different cultural notions are present in funeral rituals. Hence it is better to know and understand which kinds of gifts are considered ominous at that funeral before choosing a sympathy gift. To steer clear of any hard feelings, you can always bring a generic gift like flowers and such.

To whom should I hand the sympathy gifts?

It is respectful to hand the gifts to any family members or loved ones upon arriving at the funeral. However, if it is incense sticks or flowers, you can place those near the picture or body of the deceased and pray.