Know the Ways to Prepare Your Family and Friends for Your Death

How to Prepare Your Family and Friends Emotionally?

How to Practically Prepare Your Family and Friends in Remembering You?

How to Make Financial Preparations For Your Family on Your Death?

FAQs about Preparing Family and Friends for Your Death

How do I tell my 5-year-old child about my terminal illness?

It is better to progress this subject by telling them about death first. This way, they’ll be able to comprehend the matter well. However, ensure that it doesn’t affect them psychologically and stay beside them in case of any questions or help they’ll need in the future.

What can I do to make my toddler remember me after my death?


Enclosing moments in videos and writing letters addressing them are some of the options you can do to let them know your heartfelt emotions. It is natural for them to forget you as they grow up.

However, your presence and love will get reciprocated through tiny mementoes and picture frames. Other than these, stories shared by your loved ones will also keep you eternal in their imagination.

How to tell my 95-year-old mother that I'm dying?


Even though it’ll be heartbreaking to convey this news to your old mother, she’ll eventually know it.

Hence it is better to tell at the earliest so that she doesn’t get the shock later. Moreover, you’ll be able to stay by her side long enough to comfort her.

How do I let my friend abroad know about my terminal illness?

If you have friends staying abroad, it is better to call them home before giving this news. Since it is not sudden, it will give them enough time to settle in.