How to Talk About Death With Family?

What Are the Ways To Talk About Death With Family?

How to Talk About a Parent’s Death With Family?

How to Tell Parents About the Death of Someone in the Family?

FAQs Related To Talking about Death with Family

Shall I tell my 96-year-old grandma about my sister’s death?

It is necessary to tell this to your grandma, but considering her age, you’ll have to find the right way to convey it. Even after telling them this, it is relevant to stay by her side to comfort her and help her through the grieving process.

What way can I tell my 10-year-old child about his sister’s death?


Sit with your child and explain the notion of death simply in their language. It is normal for a child to understand the idea of death by this age, but if it's not, progress by explaining death. 

You might also break down in the process but convey that feeling sad in this scenario is alright. Moreover, they can question a lot on this. Be patient and give your replies and stay by his side throughout the process.

How to tell my son abroad about his childhood friend’s death?

The best way to convey this message is to call him home first. This way, he’ll stay in the comfort of people he knows. They might have a close friendship or any other kind of relationship for which this news can possibly hamper them mentally. This way, he’ll stay in the comfort of people he knows.

How to talk about death with family when there is a terminally sick person?

A terminally sick person is no less different than any other family member. However, it is better to have this conversation with the person individually. This way, they’ll feel more comfortable. In this case, you can talk about death with the family members.