A Brief Overview on Grief – Stages and Causes

What Is Grief?

What Are the Causes of Grief?

What Are the Stages of Grief?

When Should You Get Professional Help?

FAQs about Overview of Grief – Stages and Causes

What is the longest stage of grief?

Duration-wise, depression is the longest stage of grief. People may stay in this stage for months or even years. Feelings of hopelessness, melancholy, and lack of excitement can be brought on by depression.

What are four ways to deal with grief?


Here are some well-proven practices that can help you cope with the effects of grief:

  • You can attend every ritual to stay among your close people. 
  • Learn to embrace your feelings. If you sense an emotional outburst coming on, don't stop yourself from crying.
  • When you have trustworthy people around you, discuss your issues with them.
  • Start preserving positive memories.

What is the solution to grief?

First, understand that various unanticipated emotions may get triggered by grief. It will help if you meet those who care about you for in-person assistance. Most importantly, you can boost your mental health by prioritising self-care needs.

Is grief a form of stress?

Acute grieving is often accompanied by chronic stress, which can cause a range of medical and psychological problems. These include depression, insomnia, prolonged resentment and bitterness, anxiety, appetite loss, and common body aches.