How to Cope With Your Partner's Death?

How to Get Over the Death of a Spouse?

FAQs About Coping With the Death of Spouse

Does losing your spouse shorten your lifespan?

Researchers have found evident results of this effect. According to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Public Health, participants manifested a 66% increased tendency of passing away within the first 90 days following the loss of their spouse. Both men and women portray similar effects.

How losing a spouse changes you?

It can be difficult to consider attending parties or other social gatherings by yourself. Psychiatrists often link such discomforts to the alignment of thoughts and consequences of staying alone for a long time. You can feel uneasy about dating. The sense of intimacy that marriage gives is something that many individuals miss.

What do you do with your life after your spouse passes away?

You can adopt a lot of new lifestyle habits to cope with the situation. For instance, you may participate in religious events or focus towards consolidating your financial standpoint. If nothing seems to be helpful, you may even talk to a grief counsellor.

How long can grief last when you lose your spouse?

Everyone has different timeframes for grieving. In general, this grief lasts a year or longer. Usually, the quality and duration of your marriage significantly impacts this time span.