Breaking Bad News to Parents on Your Health

What Is Bad News?

How to Break Bad News to Parents?

What Is the Importance of Informing Parents About Bad News on Your Health?

FAQs About Breaking Bad News to Parents

Why is it so difficult to break bad news?

Breaking bad news may seem challenging because of anxieties and phobias resulting from past sickness experiences, mortality, emotional expression, and a lack of knowledge in dealing with serious illnesses.

What are some advantages of delivering bad news?

Some advantages of delivering bad news include enabling one to prepare ahead of time and gaining the knowledge of what to expect and what to do.

What model is implemented to break bad news?

The SPIKES model, a guideline for informing patients who have cancer of bad news, was published in 2000 in 'The Oncologist’. It has become increasingly popular since then and is now widely used to deliver bad news.