How to Get Over a Pet's Death?

How Is the Grieving Process After the Loss of a Pet?

How to Bereave Your Pet’s Death?

How to Deal With the Loss of a Pet When Others Are Devaluing Your Loss?

How to Help Children Grieve the Loss of a Pet?

FAQs on How to Cope With the Death of a Pet

How long does it take to get over the death of a pet?

As per survey reports collected from a psychology-centric American website, Psycom, about 30% of pet owners took up to 1 year to recover from the loss. At the same time, 50% of people took almost 19 months to cope with the loss. All these statistics indicate that it takes a significant amount of time to recover from this grief.

Can you be traumatised by a pet’s death?

As pets are one of your closest companions, their departure will unarguably bring a void in your life. Their presence establishes a solid attachment which causes excruciating pain even while thinking about what will happen if they are no longer around. Hence, their demise will trigger several posttraumatic symptoms like denial, anguish, depression, etc.

Why is losing a pet often harder than losing a human being?

Recovering from depression after losing a pet usually becomes more challenging because you hardly find solace. It consequently leads to accumulating posttraumatic feelings and disrupting your daily engagements. When a collection of feelings hits you, it becomes difficult to restrain emotional outbursts.

What does losing a pet teach you?

Losing a pet makes you feel how unpredictable life can turn out to be. Also, it helps you to realise how precious your close people are and how sincerely you should treat them.