All you should know about Pre Existing Condition!

Team Digit, 03 Nov 2018

Once you know the full-form, it sounds a lot simpler! PED stands for ‘Pre-existing Diseases’ or Pre Existing Condition, and is an important factor in your health or even travel insurance. It basically refers to the diseases or ailments you were suffering from at the time you bought your policy. To be more precise, a “pre-existing disease” in insurance is any ailment you were suffering from, and diagnosed with, 48 months (or less) before you bought your insurance policy. PEDs can range from serious medical conditions like cancer or diabetes, to ailments like blood pressure or allergies.

So, imagine your doctor wrote you a prescription for asthma medication, and you buy insurance one year later. Your health condition – that is, asthma – is a pre existing condition

Here are some of the things that you should know about Pre existing condition or PED

- Health Insurance policies differ from one another: And so does the terms and conditions with repsect to pre existing condition. You shold always check forf the waiting periods and the list of PED that are covered in your health insurance policy.

- Not all ailments are considered as a pre existing condition: Not all ailments or visits to the doctor are considered as a pre existing condition. Insurers only consider medical conditions and ailments which have had a long term effect on a person’s health. Other minor ailments and their side effects, like cough, cold, fever etc, do not determine a person’s health.

- Hiding a Pre Existing Condition is never a good idea: We often think we should hide the facts that might hinder our chances of getting a health insurance, like a pre existing condition. However, this can lead to a reverse effect, where even if you get a health insurance policy by hiding a PED, your claim might get rejected if the PED is found out later. So it is always better to disclose a PED right at the start.

-You Can Get Coverage for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: We often think, PEDs cannot be covered. However various health and travel insurers offer the benefit "Waiver of Pre Existing Condition", that covers PED and takes care of expenses related to it.

- Waiver of Pre Existing Disease has a waiting period: For your health insurance policy to cover PEDs, often insurance companies have a waiting period of 2 years. So, you should start early with your health insurance policy. 

Your health insurance provider may reject your claim if you have a pre existing condition. But if you get a waiver of PED cover, your pre existing conditions will also be covered in your policy.Most insurance provider have a 2-4 year waiting period for pre existing condition. Which means that you’ll have to wait that long for your insurance provider to start covering your PED!

How do you buy a Pre existing condition cover?

In health insurance your pre existing condition gets covered if you take the benefit that covers them too, like a waiver of pre existing condition. So remember to disclose all your pre existing condition to your health insurer.

If you’ve got Digit Travel Insurance, you can opt for a Pre existing condition cover. So, if you have a medical emergency with a PED during your travels, we won’t ask too many questions about when you went to the doctor. After all, there’s no time for ‘he-said-she-said’ during emergencies. Our assisted plan in International Travel covers 10% of your hospitalization claims for pre-existing diseases – and we’ll also round up local medical teams to assist you in times of trouble.

After all, what’s important is that we make sure you get the care you need,  and get better soon!



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A cycling competition is held in school. All the students that sign up for the competition are told to go through a medical check-up first. One student is found to have sprained his ankle 10 days ago. So, the school tells him that he cannot participate in the competition this month – but he can come back and participate next month. That’s because the student had a Pre Existing Condition!

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