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How to Download a Digital Voter ID Card?

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A voter ID card is a crucial document that proves an individual’s identity. However, there are times when an individual misplaces this card, increasing the risk of data theft.

The Indian Government has launched the e-Epic card, a secure PDF version of the voter identity card, to remove this concern. Individuals can download this electronic card on mobile or a smart device.

However, they need to know the voter ID download process. Keep scrolling to learn the steps for the same.

What Is a Digital Voter ID?

The digital voter card or e-EPIC is a portable document launched by the Indian Government on 25 January 2021. Individuals can download this PDF version of the voter card on mobile or a computer.

This facility allows voters to store their voter ID in a digital locker or upload it in cloud storage, securing the data and unique voter identification number.

The digital election card is an addition to PCV EPIC, which are currently being issued for new registration.

According to a report, the Government has allowed the usage of digital voter ID cards on polling day in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam, and Puducherry.

Hence, it is essential that individuals who still lack a voter card or have misplaced their original one need to learn the voter ID download process. They can take a printout of this e-card and self-laminate it for future needs.

Individuals concerned about security should know that a digital voter ID card comes with demographics like serial numbers, secured QR codes with images, part numbers, etc.

Since this digital card will be considered identity proof, learning how to download a voter ID card with simple steps becomes essential.

How to Download a Digital Voter ID Card?

The central Government allows new electors registered during Special Summary Revision 2021 with a unique mobile number in E-roll and general electors to download the digital voter ID card from the Election commission of India portal and National Voters Service Portal.

An individual can follow the mentioned steps to complete the voter ID card download process.

  • Step 1: Visit the official Election Commission of India portal  and select “Download e-EPIC”.
  • Step 2: Now, enter your e-EPIC number and the one-time password sent to a registered mobile number.
  • Step 3: Finally, click on “Download Election Card Online”.

Alternatively, individuals can download their digital electoral card from the National Voters Service Portal by following the mentioned steps.

  • Step 1: A user has to register or log on to the NVSP website.
  • Step 2: Individuals need to enter a Form Reference Number or EPIC Number.
  • Step 3: Complete the process by entering the OTP sent to a registered number and click on “Download e-EPIC”.

Now, let’s understand why an individual should opt for the election card download option.

What Are the Features of Digital Voter ID?

Following are the benefits of using a digital voter card -

  1. Individuals can gain a PDF version of the voter card with an unique QR code. This is a sustainable method.
  2. This saves the hassle of visiting a Government office to make an application for an electoral card.
  3. Only registered first-time voters will get this e-EPIC on their mobile. This ensures necessary data are safe.
  4. These cards are accessible from February 2021. However, an individual needs to link their mobile number to the ECI.
  5. A voter doesn’t need to make a new card after changing the state or city. Individuals can download the digital version by changing the address online.
  6. Individuals who are uncomfortable with the e-version of this voter card can also receive hard copies.
  7. The election ID card download option was introduced to ensure there is no delay in providing the voter ID.
  8. This e-EPIC can be stored in Digilocker, thereby removing the hassle of carrying multiple documents.

Individuals who are eligible to avail the digital voter card can check the steps mentioned above. It is recommended to log in to an official website for the voter ID download process. This would remove the risk of facing fraudsters or fake portals.`11

Frequently asked questions

Are EPIC number and digital voter number similar?

Yes, the EPIC number and digital voter ID number are the same. Individuals can download the voter card online by logging into the NVSP portal. They can also check the EPIC website and download the digital voter card.

Can I link my mobile number with a digital voter ID card?

Yes, it can be done by sending an SMS  detailing the voter ID number and Aadhaar number to 166 OR 51969. They can simply log into the NVSP website and follow the steps for Aadhaar registration.

Which authority scrutinises the digital voter ID application?

The Booth Level Officer or BLO verifies the digital voter application and the details provided. They update the information on the official website after verification.