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How to Search Voter ID by Name in Haryana?

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Haryana remains a crucial part of the continuing overall development of India. Subsequently, residents of this state remain duty-bound to fulfil their constitutional responsibilities when it comes to casting their votes in both general and assembly elections.

As there are complicated protocols involved in the large-scale nature of elections, it is ideal for every voter to ensure one’s name has been enrolled in the electoral list. Interestingly, voter ID search by name in Haryana can come in handy in this regard.

Process to Search Voter Id by Name in Haryana

The election commission of India has made it comparatively easier for citizens to conduct a voter id card search by the name Haryana. Using the National Voters’ Service Portal, an individual can search for his or her name online in a few easy steps, which have been described below:

Step 1: Navigate to the portal of National voter service

Step 2: Input details like name and date of birth

Step 3: Enter father or husband’s name in this portal, as per the requirement

Step 4: Click on the “Select State” button available on the website to get a drop-down menu for selecting the current state of residence. Choose “Haryana” from this list

Step 5: Enter the captcha code exactly as it is displayed on the screen

Step 6: Click on “Search”.

Soon after, the voter ID details of the individual will be available onscreen in a matter of a few seconds.

How to Find Out Voter ID Status by Name?

In order to know their voter ID status in the electoral roll, voters can visit the official website of the chief electoral officer of their state. Therefore, residents of Haryana will need to adhere to these steps:

Step 1: Open the voter ID portal for Haryana

Step 2: Click on “Check your name in the voter list”

Step 3: Select “By Details”

Step 4: Choose district and assembly constituency’s name from available drop-down menus

Step 5: Enter your own name

Step 6: Fill in the name of spouse or parent

Step 7: Click on the “Search” button

Subsequently, voters will be able to access the status of their IDs.

How to Download the Voter List in Haryana?

The voters will need to access the Chief Electoral Officer’s website for Haryana in order to download the voter list. This website can be reached via the voters’ service portal, where they will need to select “Haryana” as the state of residence.

On the other hand, an elector can directly access the site at and follow the steps mentioned below to download the voter list:

Step 1: Click on “Draft Electoral Roll”

Step 2: Select district and assembly constituency

Step 3: Choose the name of the proper polling station

Step 4: Select the corroborating section number

Step 5: Put in the captcha code exactly as shown, as these are sensitive to casings

Step 6: Click on the button with the words “Get Roll” written on it

This way, voters will be able to view and download the voter list as per their requirements without any hitch.

What Is the Importance of Voter ID in Haryana?

There are multiple essential reasons why it is quintessential for residents of Haryana over the legal age of 18 to have a legible voter ID card. Some of these include:

  • Primary Documentation for Casting a Vote: The election commission of this country mandates that every registered voter has to have a voter ID and associated Election Photo Identity Card Number [EPIC Number] in order to legally cast his or her vote. This way, any scope of potential voter fraud or any electoral malpractices can be largely eradicated.

  • Crucial Record to Register as a Voter in a Non-Domicile State:  The Indian constitution allows a voter to register his or her name in the electoral roll of a different state than the domicile one, given he or she is a current resident of it. In such a scenario, this voter will need a voter ID card so that his or her name can be enrolled under an adequate constituency through proper channels and measures.

  • Crucial to Establish Personal Credentials: The voter or EPIC card is considered one of the most important government-recognised documents that can be used as a person’s proof of identity and address. Therefore, an individual can use this ID to substantiate his or her authenticity when dealing with ex-cathedra matters, such as settling an insurance claim or applying for a loan.

Which Information About a Voter is Available in the Voter ID Card?

The EPIC card is largely used as proof of identity because it contains several essential personal information about an individual, such as:

  • An image of elector in question
  • Voter’s gender
  • Age of this individual
  • Present address of cardholder
  • Voter’s signature’s digital copy
  • Parental or spousal information of a cardholder
  • A hologram sticker
  • Specific serial number

It must be noted that knowing the procedures of downloading the voter list or conducting a voter ID search by name in Haryana can come in handy for electors if there are any errors in the details. In such a scenario, an individual will be able to register on the voter portal and fill out necessary forms so that the mistakes can be fixed without further delay.

Frequently asked questions

What are the services one can avail from the official COE portal of Haryana?

There are many services you can check from the official COE portal of Haryana. For example, get the forms for voter registration, find the electoral roll, check out the list of LokSabha and Rajya Sabha members and election results, etc.

How to get a new voter card in Haryana if an elector has migrated to a new address?

In order to avail of a new voter card in Haryana with an updated address, you have to follow a structural process. A voter has to fill out the migration form in the voters’ portal after completing adequate registration.

Is it chargeable to search for voter ID by name in Haryana?

You can search for a voter ID by name in Haryana for free.