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How to Search Voter ID by Name in Odisha?

(Source: indianexpress)

It is crucial for the residents of a state to fulfil their constitutional duty by casting their votes during the assembly and general elections.

Thus, it becomes pivotal for an elector to keep a tab on whether one’s name has been appropriately registered in the electoral roll. Following a few easy steps, an elector can efficiently conduct an online voter ID search by name in Odisha.

What Is the Process to Search Voter ID by Name in Odisha?

One can search voter ID in Odisha by name online without any hassle. However, in order to do so, a person will need to abide by some simple steps as described below.

Step 1: Visit voter information portal of the Election Commission.

Step 2: Enter name and date of birth.

Step 3: Write down parent or spouse's name, as required.

Step 4: Select Odisha from the drop-down menu as the state of current residence.

Step 5: Fill in CAPTCHA code as visible on the screen.

Step 6: Click on the "Search" button.

This way, an elector will be able to find his or her ID details – including EPIC number – with ease by conducting a voter ID card search by name in Odisha.

How to Find Out Voter ID Status in Odisha by Name?

As briefly touched on before, making sure that a voter's name is properly enlisted in the electoral roll is an ideal due course of action for that voter. For a seamless experience in this regard, the Election Commission India has established a national voters' service portal where an elector can find out his or her voter ID status.

So, one will need to follow the steps mentioned:

Step 1: Visit the national service portal for voters.

Step 2: Click on the tab "Search in Electoral Roll."

Step 3: Select Odisha as the state of residency from the drop-down menu, or simply write in the name of this state.

Step 4: Click on the button with the word "Go."

Step 5: The page will be redirected to Odisha's Chief Electoral Officer's website.

Step 6: On this website, navigate to "For Voters" section.

Step 7: Click on "Search Your Name on the Voter List."

Step 8: In the newly opened page, input your crucial personal details and display captcha code before clicking on the "Search" button.

Subsequently, the voter ID status of an electoral candidate will be displayed on a screen. Here, a voter can find pieces of information such as:

  • Assembly and parliamentary constituencies
  • Part name and number
  • Polling station, serial number, and other data

Steps to Download the Voter List in Odisha

In order to download the voter list in Odisha, an individual must follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the voter ID portal for Odisha.

Step 2: Navigate to the "For Voters" section of this site.

Step 3: Click on the link titled "View Draft Electoral Rolls".

Step 4: In a newly opened page, select district.

Step 5: Choose the assembly constituency.

Step 6: Select the proper booth.

Step 7: Study the captcha image generated carefully before writing down the text displayed in it.

Step 8: Click on the button "OK".

Step 9: A link titled "Download Integrated ERoll" will be generated. Click on that link to avail of the voter list.

What Are the Importance of the Voter ID in Odisha?

It is crucial for every Indian citizen aged 18 years or older to have a legible voter ID card. There is a manifold importance of this government documentation. Some of them include the following:


1. Legal Proof of Identity

Alongside documents like an Aadhar Card or a PAN card, a voter ID is one of the primary records used for identification purposes of an Indian citizen. This card is also referred to as an Election Photo Identity Card or EPIC, and therefore contains an image and address of the individual in question, alongside several crucial personal details of the person.

Therefore, during the course of any legal procedure, an individual will be able to use this card as proof of his or her identity. To elaborate, a financial institution may refer to the EPIC of a potential borrower to assess his or her legitimacy before sanctioning a credit. Similarly, during an insurance claim, this card can be used to establish necessary credentials.

2. Upholding the Sacrosanct Nature of an Election

As the current largest democracy in the world, India remains responsible for playing its part in organising a free and fair election. Bestowed with the duty of overseeing the entire procedure, the Election Commission of India has to ensure that any scope of voter fraud can be mitigated to its fullest scope.

A voter ID card, therefore, becomes a crucial tool in maintaining the sanctity of Indian elections. Every elector who wishes to cast a ballot during any election has to possess this card to highlight the constitutionality of his or her vote. Consequently, Odisha voter ID card search by name can come in handy for prospective electors. This way, any scope of large-scale electoral malpractice can be significantly curbed.

3. Registering in a Non-Domicile State

A voter ID is also quintessential if an elector is looking to enrol in the electoral list of a different state in which he or she is currently residing outside of domicile. After proper document verification, a voter can get enlisted in the electoral roll as per his or her present locality and constituency.

Having a voter list handy can be helpful for a voter during the time of election. Additionally, as he or she can search voter ID by name in Odisha, making sure all details are recorded correctly becomes comparatively more straightforward. Similarly, if they can spot any error, voters will be able to take corrective steps without any delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to correct erroneous details on a voter ID card?

To make changes to a voter card, an electoral will need to register on the government voter ID portal and fill up an adequate form under the "Correction in Voter ID" category.

Can a voter opt to remove duplicate entries of one’s name in the electoral list?

A voter will have to fill out a form under the category "Deletion of Own Name" in the Elections Commission's voter portal in order to remove duplicate entries.

What is the helpline number for voter ID related matters in Odisha?

In case you are having any query or grievances relating to your voter ID card in Odisha you can contact the Election Commission of India in 1950.