List of Common Eye Problems in India

What Are Common Eye Problems in India?

What Are the Main Reasons for Common Eye Problems?

Symptoms and Treatments of Common Eye Problems

Type of Eye Problem




Itchy eyes, discharge, crusting or eyelids and eyelashes with dryness and heaviness

Rinsing eyes with water, antibiotics, pills, antiviral drops and ointments.


Blurred vision, glare, poor night vision or vision in low light

Prescribing glasses or lenses, surgical removal


Hazy eyes with eye pain, experiencing halos around lights, stomach ache and vomiting

Oral medications, eye drops, laser treatment or microsurgery


Squinting or shutting an eye, the eyeball of an eye shifting inwards or outwards gradually, head tilting

There is no such treatment for such common eye defects especially after 8 years of age. But treating an underlying problem or making the affected ye work may develop the vision

Dry eye syndrome

Burning and scratching sensation around your eyes, development of mucus strings, difficulty in wearing a lens

Eye drops to maintain fluid level in your eyes, Lacrimal plugs used to block the tear ducts, anti-inflammatory medication and surgery


Water and red eyes, greasy itchy eyelids, blurred vision and blinking, eyelids sticking to each other

Avoiding eye makeup, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, root treatment, Immunomodulators


Irritation or pain, sensitivity to wind, crusty eyelid, mucus buildup, feeling of something getting into your eyes

Surgery, injecting botox, sticking transparent skin tape to eyelids

Macular Degeneration

Decrease in central vision in both eyes, blurriness, visual distortion, difficulty reading in low light

Oral medication or injections, photocoagulation therapy

What to Do if You Detect an Eye Problem?

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