Fallopian Tube Cancer - Symptoms, Causes, Stages and Treatment

What Is Fallopian Tube Cancer?

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Different Stages of Fallopian Tube Cancer


The staging of fallopian tube cancer is based on the extent of infection. An oncologist detects the size of tumours and the organs to which it has spread.

They use the FIGO system to stage fallopian tube cancer. There are four stages based on the health conditions. A higher stage indicates that cancer has spread to other areas.




Cancerous cells or tumours are present inside a fallopian tube.


Cancer has developed in both fallopian tubes. In this stage, cancer has spread to the pelvic region.


In this stage, cancer has been found in a fallopian tube and has spread to the pelvic region and nearby lymph nodes.


This cancer has spread beyond the pelvic area and infected other organs.

Surgeons usually stage fallopian cancer during surgery. They remove the infected tissues and send them for further tests. This also helps identify the types of fallopian tube cancer that a patient may have.

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