What is an Oximeter?

What is the Pulse Oximeter used for?

How to use an Oximeter?

What are the readings visible on the Oximeter?

What do those readings mean?

How frequently should you monitor the readings?

When should you take action?

When reading an oximeter, an oxygen saturation level of 95-100% is considered normal for most people. However, for people with certain conditions, it is acceptable if it falls as low as 90%*.

More than 89% of your blood should be carrying oxygen, and if it is lower than this, it can be dangerous as it might be a sign of hypoxemia. This is a deficiency in oxygen reaching the body’s tissues and can cause a lot of damage.

SpO2 Range


95% to 100%


85% to 92%

Hypoxemia develops (but acceptable for those people with severe pulmonary issues)*

Below 80% to 85%

The brain does not have enough oxygen and gets affected

Below 65%

Severe hypoxemia, cyanosis (bluish discolouration of nails, lips, or skin) develops

*Be sure to check with your doctor before taking such readings into consideration

Is it important to keep an Oximeter at home during the COVID pandemic?