Thyroid Cancer - Types, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

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Different Stages of Thyroid Cancer


There are five stages of thyroid cancer. Evaluation of the thyroid cancer stages helps doctors prepare a treatment plan.

These stages can be divided into smaller groups. The following table explains the concept better.

Stages of Thyroid Cancer



This primary tumour cannot be evaluated

T plus zero

No evidence of tumour


This tumour is 2 cm or smaller. It is limited to the thyroid.


When the tumour is 1 cm or smaller


Here the tumour is larger than 1 cm but smaller than 2 cm


This tumour is larger than 2 cm and smaller than 4 cm


A tumour is larger than 4 cm. This tumour does not extend beyond the thyroid gland


The tumour has extended beyond the thyroid


This tumour has spread beyond the thyroid to the larynx, recurrent laryngeal nerve, soft tissues, oesophagus or trachea


Here the condition is fatal as the tumour has spread beyond the regions in T4a


If the early-stage thyroid cancer symptoms are detected, the doctors can immediately start the treatment.

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