Jewellery protection that also covers theft!

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How this insurance will protect your precious jewels.


Chain-snatching or robbery can be unnerving. That’s why we give you full value of the stolen jewellery.

Anyone could be wearing it

We know that we love to share, which is why you’re covered for all the above, even if you give it to your mom or sister to wear.

Accidental Damage

Accidentally broken jewellery won’t break your heart. We will repair it for you.

Worldwide Coverage

Carry your jewellery while travelling, without carrying the burden of fear.

Some of the instances that are not covered

Misplacing the jewellery or any part of it is not covered.

Cosmetic Damage
Chemical or cosmetic damage due to make-up or hair spray is not covered.

Oversized Jewellery
Loss of an oversized bangle or finger ring is not covered.

Check-in Baggage
Jewellery in checked-in baggage while travelling in an aircraft is not covered.

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