General Insurance - Yeh toh Faayde Ki Baat Hai!

What is Faayde Ki Baat?

Faayde ki Baat is the General Insurance Council of India’s public interest campaign to spread awareness about insurance and its many benefits, namely highlighting vital insurance products like Motor Insurance, Health Insurance and Home Insurance. 

Generally, insurance is often looked at as fraudulent, costly, or the most common misconception of all is, that it is of no use! “Iska kya fayeda?” after all. However, the truth of the matter is that this notion only stems from the lack of awareness. This lack of awareness doesn’t imply people don’t know about insurance but, rather are misinformed about it.

Think about the last time you had a conversation with someone about insurance. Chances are, you’ve heard more of “claim nahi milta”, “It’s a scam”, “What’s the point of spending so much money on insurance?” , “With all the terms and conditions, you won’t get any benefits!” . 

This is exactly why Fayde ki Baat is here. To break the conventional, traditional stereotype of insurance, to bust myths, to help people learn more about its benefits and then make a sound decision on protecting their cars, bikes, homes and most importantly, their health! 

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Why is General Insurance a Faayde Ki Baat?

We all love our money, and certainly we love saving it!  As much as we can and, just that is one of the most obvious and, biggest faaydas of insurance. It protects you from unpredictable losses, especially and specifically in unforeseen circumstances. Apart from that, there are a range of benefits of insurance, such as: 

Faayda #1: Saves your pocket from unforeseen losses

Faayda #2: Helps you save on tax! 

Faayda #3: You benefit even when you make no claims!

Faayda #4: Helps you manage finances better! 

Faayda #5: Be the good guy in the eyes of the law! 

General Insurance Products Offered by Digit

Car Insurance

To protect one of your most prized possessions from any potential damages and losses such as in the case of minor and major accidents, natural calamities, fires, thefts, etc.

Bike Insurance

Two-wheelers are always at a risk for damage, given the kind of traffic we face in most cities of India! A two-wheeler insurance helps protect your beautiful bike or scooter from any unforeseen damages and losses. 

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Whether you run a large scale business or just a private cab of your own, our commercial vehicle insurance is designed to back auto rickshaws, trucks, buses, tractors and all other commercial vehicles from any damages and business losses that may come in the way due to accidents and natural calamities alike. 

Health Insurance

People are increasingly becoming health conscious and this is primarily because, without health we are really nothing! You know what they say, health hai to wealth hai. A health insurance helps you cover for medical expenses such as pre and post hospitalization, maternity, and critical illnesses amongst others, in times of need.

Home Insurance

Home is where your heart is, so why not protect it from all risks? A home insurance helps protect both your house and everything in it. All at the cost of just a year’s supply of your favourite national newspaper.

International Travel Insurance

We plan them months in advance and love our holidays with all our heart! But we do hate last minute surprises and them travel ouches! Whether it’s a long flight delay, lost luggage or a terrible flu in a faraway land; an international travel insurance helps cover for all these and more circumstances that may come between you and your lovely holiday.

What’s great about Digit Insurance?

Awarded Asia’s General Insurance Company of the Year

Awarded Asia’s General Insurance Company of the Year

This makes us one of the youngest companies to have won this award, in just two years of operations!

Loved by Customers

Loved by Customers

Our customers have rated us 4.8/5 on Facebook. That is love!

Super Simple Claims

Super Simple Claims

Our smartphone enabled self-inspection processes take just minutes!

24x7 Support

24*7 Support

Whether you need us in broad daylight or bang in the middle of the night. We’ll always be there for you, even on national holidays!

Easy Online Processes

Easy Online Processes

Right from buying an insurance policy to making a claim. Everything can be done online, within a click of a few buttons.

More TLC, Less T&C

More TLC, Less T&C

No hidden clauses, jargon-free documents & easy-to-understand language.