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International Travel Insurance for KVB Customers

Travel. It’s one of those things we all look forward to, no matter where we plan to take off. From sandy beaches and snow-covered mountains to the hilly greens and bustling cities; the world is our platter and the very act of traveling- our chance to experience at least one portion of it. 

Digit’s International Travel Insurance is designed to accompany you on all your travels; to help you travel smarter and safer. From unpredictable flight delays and missed connections to loss of belongings, medical emergencies and adventure sport ouches, we cover for you so that nothing takes away your peace of mind.

After all, traveling is meant to help you rejuvenate and relax and our travel insurance online is customized to ensure you can experience just that. So, whether you accidentally hurt yourself while bungee jumping, get scammed only to lose out on your wallet and passport or get into a legal issue for damaging your car rental abroad; your securing your trip with an overseas travel insurance will ensure you’ll be covered through it all. 

The best part? You need not go through long and cumbersome processes to get your compensation or claims settled. Everything from buying a travel insurance online to making a claim is super simple and can be done digitally, within minutes!

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“Do I really need a Travel Insurance?

If that’s a question you’ve been battling with, read on. 

Loss of Baggage
25 million baggage are reportedly mislaid by airlines every year.
Medical Cost when you travel
Medical expenses cost 3 to 5 times more outside India.
Travel Scams
Travel scams are extremely common in tourist-heavy countries.
Baggage loss during international travel
47% of baggage loss happen during international transfers.
What People lose during travel
Phones, Bank Cards, Licenses & Passports are the top 4 belongings people lose while traveling.

What’s great about International Travel Insurance by Digit?

  • Zero Deductibles - You don’t pay anything at all when you make a claim – it’s all on us. 
  • Adventure Sports Covered - Our coverage includes activities such as scuba diving, bungee jumping & sky diving (provided the duration is one day) 
  • Immediate Monetary Compensation for Flight Delays - We don’t want to waste your time any further. That’s why, when your flight is delayed for more than 4 hours, we give you a flat and immediate compensation of Rs 500.
  • Smartphone-enabled Processes - No paperwork, no running around. Just upload your documents when you make a claim.
  • Missed-call Facility - Give us a missed call at +91-7303470000 and we’ll call you back in 10 minutes. No more international calling charges! 
  • Worldwide Support - We’ve partnered with the world’s largest health & travel insurance network Allianz, to support you seamlessly over 179 countries.

International Travel Insurance plans that fit your needs


Basic Option

Offers coverages for the most common mishaps that can be encountered on an international trip.


Comfort Option

This plan not only covers you for the most common mishaps on your trip but also keeps you protected from each hiccup, so your trip goes just how it should!

Basic Option

Comfort Option


Coverage option suggested above is only indicative and is based on market study and experience. You may opt for any additional coverages as per your requirement. Please call us at 1800-258-5956 in case you want to opt for any other coverages or wish to know further details.

To read about the policy in detail please click here

Key Features of International Travel Insurance by Digit

Key Features

Digit Benefit


Starting from ₹206

Claim Process

Smartphone-enabled process. No paperwork involved.

Claim Settlement

24x7 Missed Call Facility Available

Countries Covered


Flight Delay Benefit

₹500-1000 automatically transferred to you on Flight Delays of 4 or more hours


Zero deductibles, it’s all on us!

Covers Available

Adventure Sports, Trip Cancellation, Medical Cover, Flight Delay, Delay of Checked-in Baggage, Loss of Passport, Daily Emergency Cash, etc.

How to File a Claim?

After you buy our international travel insurance plan, you live tension free as we have a 3-step, completely digital claims process!

Step 1

Give us a call at 1800-258-5956 (if in India) or drop a missed call at +91-7303470000 & we’ll call back in 10 mins.

Step 2

Upload the required documents & your bank account details, on the link sent.

Step 3

We’ll take care of the rest!

Claims made simple with Digit’s Travel Insurance

Why should you a buy a Travel Insurance Policy?

A.K.A Advantages of a Travel Insurance

Flat Rs 500 for Flight Delays

We all hate flight delays. But what if your travel insurance gives you Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 every time that happens? Well, Digit does exactly that. You can either save a few extra bucks or use it to grab a meal or your next favorite read at the airport. 

Monetary Compensation for Baggage Delays

Baggage losses are horrible no doubt, but so are baggage delays! That’s why, for the unfortunate times this happens to you, having a travel insurance will help you with a monetary compensation of $100 for your lost time! 

Protects you against Financial Losses Abroad

When we travel, most of us do so on a budget. This is where a travel insurance comes in use, as it protects you from any financial losses in the case of loss of belongings, missed flight connections, trip cancellations and other unfortunate situations you may come across on your journey!  

Has your back during medical emergencies!

Something as small and common as a stomach flu abroad can cost you thousands. However, securing your trip with an international travel insurance ensures you’ll be protected against medical emergencies both big and small. 

Stress-Free Road Trips

If you plan on taking a road trip abroad, a travel insurance will be so much more beneficial for you. Something not many people know is, that a travel insurance also covers you against any damages you happen to cause to your rented car or, worse any third-party damages. 

Protects you against loss of passport or money!

One of the most common losses travelers seem to face abroad is loss of their phones, credit and debit cards, money and even their passports! Luckily, having a travel insurance in place can give you some peace of mind as it will always cover and be there for you in such situations! 

Who Should buy a Travel Insurance Policy?

Are you one of them?

The Well-Planned Traveler

With plenty notes, checklists and well-made itineraries, you prefer journeys that are well thought of and planned. You don’t prefer uncertainty and you like a sense of control and security. If you fall into this category of travelers, then a travel insurance is almost compulsory for you. After all, what else will cover you for the unplanned?

The Impulsive Nomad

You are anything but well-planned! From packing your bags to booking your hotels and making a travel itinerary, you don’t have anything of it planned. Everything is last-minute. You’re a nomad by heart and you pretty much go with the flow. In this case, the least you should do is get a travel insurance so that your visa isn’t rejected last-minute, and all that unplanning doesn’t leave you cashless!  

The Clumsy Traveler

We all know someone who is pretty much like an ouch potato, or maybe you are one yourself! You’re almost sure you’re just unlucky. Somehow you always end up getting into trouble- no matter how careful you are. If you think you’re like an ouch potato yourself, then a travel insurance is the least you can do to ensure you’re not losing out on anything when you get into trouble! 

The Road Tripper

If you’re someone who often chooses to take the foreign land down by road, then a travel insurance is a must for you. This is because, a travel insurance won’t only secure you for common mishaps during your trip like a flight delay or baggage loss but, will also be there for you in case you happen to damage your car, or worse- someone else’s car of property! 

The Thrill-Seeker

You live for adventures. Scuba Diving. Snorkeling. Bungee Jumping. Trekking. River Rafting. Sky Diving. You want to do it all and that’s probably why traveling even excites you so much. Luckily, our travel insurance also covers for adventure sports, so you’ll be covered through it all! 😊 

The Budget Tripper

You’re pretty much like all millennial travelers today. You love to travel, and you do so on a budget. Contrary to popular belief, a travel insurance is extremely reasonable- one that can fit in your budget and save you from any unpredictable losses during your journey! 

Things you should know when you are planning an International Trip

Precautions to Remember Before Traveling Abroad

  • Avoid taking your passport everywhere. It’s better to instead leave it in your hotel locker and instead carry a copy of the same for your ID purposes.
  • Don’t carry too much cash around and while withdrawing cash from the ATM, always check your surroundings and check your notes too after your money is withdrawn. 
  • Don’t fall for petty travel scams such as fake monks asking for donations, overcharging cab drivers, fake tour guides, etc. To learn more about travel scams in different places and how you can stay safe from such situations, check out our in-house ouch potato. 
  • Always keep your cash in more than one place. For example; you can carry some cash in your wallet, while some of it can safely be kept in an inside pocket of your backpack.
  • Remember the location of your accommodation well and, always use cabs that go by meter or else you’re likely to be scammed by them!  
  • For more travel tips and travel scams, follow The Ouch Potato 😊  

FAQs related to buying International Travel Insurance