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What do you mean by a Pet Insurance?

Why do you need a Pet Insurance?

Ensure quality healthcare, always

With veterinary expenses on the rise, staying protected with a pet insurance ensures your furry baby gets the best treatment every time, without having to worry too much about medical expenses. This is especially very helpful as your pet ages and may need more healthcare coverage with time.

Stay financially secure and protect your savings

A lot of people want to become pet parents but, sometimes don’t due to the expenses that may come with it. If you fall into the same boat, don’t let financial worries steer away from your little dream. A pet insurance will help cover for major pet expenses, i.e. healthcare related expenses of your pet.

Because, sometimes accidents happen!

Whether you have a dog or a cat, pets tend to be playful and sometimes, no matter how careful you are - accidents can happen! Whether it's a slip or a fall, a pet insurance helps you cover for injuries both big and small, without hurting your pocket!

What does a Pet Insurance usually cover?

Although benefits vary from insurer to insurer, and plan to plan - here are some common benefits included in most pet insurance plans today.

Major Illnesses

Covers for medical expenses related to cancer, heart diseases, and accidental poisonings from things like insecticide amongst other major health issues. 

Accidental Injuries

Takes care of your pet for pre- and post-hospitalization related expenses in case they meet with an accident. 

Major Soft Tissue Surgeries

Covers your pet for major surgeries requiring hospitalization, like those for hernias or complications due to fractures. 

Third-Party Liabilities

In cases where your pet's actions cause injuries to someone else, or causes damages to their property.

Travelling Overseas

Some insurers also give you the option for an overseas cover to help cover for any healthcare costs whilst you're travelling with your pet abroad. 

Theft or Loss of Pet

Depending on your pet insurance plan, some plans may also benefit you when your pet goes missing (we hope this never happens, though!), to cover for costs such as advertisements, and/or monetory compensation for your loss.

Why does a Pet Insurance make financial sense?

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How does a Pet Insurance work?

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