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Vastu Significance of Elephant Painting, Direction & Benefits for Homes

What is the Significance of 7 Elephant Painting for Home as per Vastu?

Are Elephant Paintings Considered Auspicious as per Vastu Shastra?

What Are the Different Types of Elephant Paintings?

What is the Significance of Different Colours in Elephant Painting as per Vastu?

Each elephant species has its own symbolic meaning, detailed in the table below. Many spiritual and cultural traditions emphasise these elephant types, representing wealth, renown, prosperity, and balance.

Elephant Type

White Elephant Richness, luxury, and wealth
Red Elephant Fame, recognition, and success
Black Elephant Prosperity and achievement
Green Elephant Good luck and power
Elephant with Crystal Ball Enhances harmony and balance in life
Elephant Standing on Coins Power, wisdom, wealth, and protection

In Which Direction Should the Elephant Painting be Placed as per Vastu?

How Does Elephant Painting Promote Positive Energy and Happiness in Individuals?

Do's & Don'ts for Elephant Painting as per Vastu

FAQs about Elephant Painting Vastu