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What Is Business Equity and How to Calculate It?

What Is Business Equity?

What Are the Types of Business Equities?

How to Calculate Business Equity?

Here is the formula for calculating business equity:

Business Equity = Value of Total Assets – Value of Total Liabilities

You can find information about a company’s assets as well as liabilities on the balance sheet of the company. 

As per the formula mentioned above, business equity can be calculated in the following way:

Value of Total Assets (A)

Value of Total Liabilities (B)

Business/Shareholders’ Equity (A-B)

Rs. 50,00,000

Rs. 42,00,000

Rs. 8,00,000

What Are the Documents Required for Duty Drawback Scheme?

What Are Duty Drawback Rates?

The Central government provides a detailed rate chart of the percentage drawback. Exporters should note that the period mentioned below refers to the difference between clearance date and date of placement in customs control before it is ready for export.

Time Period

Percentage of Drawback

Less than 3 months


Higher than 3 but less than 6 months


From 6 to 9 months


From 9 to 12 months


From 12 months to 15 months


From 15 months to 18 months


Higher than 18 months


What Is the Procedure for Claiming Duty Drawback?

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