World Diabetes Day: When & Why it is Celebrated

World Diabetes Day: An Overview

History of World Diabetes Day

Why is World Diabetes Day Celebrated?

Why is World Diabetes Day Important?

Here are the significances of this day:

  • People Are Made Aware of Diabetes: Over a 25-year timeline, diabetes cases have increased by around 380%. At this rate, WHO estimates that diabetes will become the seventh leading cause of death in the world. Therefore, to curb this criticality, it is vital to dedicate a whole day to spread awareness. 
  • Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes: As we all know, prevention is better than cure; it is wise to lead a healthy life and avoid the chances of contracting the illness. 
  • The Day is a Reminder That You Should Be Educated about the Disease: Type 2 diabetes has become an epidemic because a large portion of the population overlooked or failed to recognise the symptoms. Therefore, learning everything about the disease will help you to prevent the disease better. Also, upon knowing the signs, you can get tested and follow treatment.

Once you know the need to appoint a day for diabetes awareness, it is imperative you know how to celebrate this day.

Every year there is a theme set to make everyone aware of the importance of celebrating this day. The theme hovers around topics like diabetes and lifestyle, diabetes and human rights, its relation with obesity, its effect on vulnerable sections and children and more. Further, the purpose of these themes is to initiate a campaign that throws light on these critical topics and aware people. Some of the themes in the past years are listed below in the table:




Protect our future: Diabetes education and prevention


Go blue for breakfast


Healthy eating


Eyes on diabetes


Women and diabetes- Our right to a healthy future


The family and diabetes- Diabetes concerns every family


The nurse and diabetes

For 2021-23 the theme for World Diabetes Day is access to diabetes care. The reasons for keeping this as a theme are to ensure that patients get proper access to medicines, technologies, care and support and aware governments so that they invest more in diabetes prevention.

How to Celebrate World Diabetes Day

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