What is an Actuary?

How can One Become a Member of the Institute of Actuaries in India?

To become a member of the Institute of Actuaries in India (IAI), an individual has to belong to any of the categories mentioned below:




Those admitted as a student under the institution or have enrolled for an examination conducted by the IAI.


An associate is a student member who has already cleared the Core Principal Series Test and the Core Application Tests conducted by IAI. Associate members are eligible to vote in the Council election.


There are several sub-categories under this where members are selected in accordance with various criteria that they must comply with. The sub-categories include: a) Fellowship - For students/associates (IAI examination route). b) Fellowship - Affiliate to fellow route. c) Fellowship - MRA route.

Affiliate member

Individuals who are fellow members or hold membership which is considered an equivalent of the IAI Fellow Membership.

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