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Is Fire Damage covered in Motor Insurance?

What are fire damages in motor insurance?

What can cause vehicle fires?

Does your motor insurance policy cover fire damages?

What is covered under fire damages?

Okay so now you know exactly which policies will cover you in the case of fire damages to your vehicle, you might be wondering exactly what this coverage means. Generally, speaking, this is what is covered by your motor insurance for fire damages:

Natural Disaster

Natural Disasters

Fire damages as a result of a natural disaster, like an earthquake

House Fires

House Fires

If the fire is a result of a house fire or a garage fire

Accidents and Collisions

Accidents and Collisions

Any fires that are caused during a motor accident or collision

Criminal Acts

Criminal Acts

If the vehicle is set on fire by a criminal like a vandal or an arsonist



When your vehicle is set of fire during the course of a riot

Is there anything that is not covered?

While it’s good to know exactly what will be covered under your insurance, it’s also just as important for you to know what is NOT covered. This way you won’t have any surprises, and you can avoid your claims being rejected:  

Mechanical Defects

Damages due to mechanical defects like short-circuiting, overheating, oil leakage, or fuel seepage

Adding extra accessories

Short circuits or issues that are a result of you tinkering with the vehicle and its wiring, for example to add your own accessories

Incidents Outside the Geographical Limit

When the fire damages occur outside the geographical area

Negligence and Deliberate acts

The fire was caused by your own negligence or on purpose

What to do if your vehicle is damaged by fire?

How to make a claim for fire damages in motor insurance?