Petrol Tax in Telangana: Different Types of Taxes Applicable on Petrol

What Is the Petrol Tax Levied in Telangana?


Petrol price in Telangana is revised daily based on the Dynamic Fuel Pricing. It is fixed at 6 am IST every day.

Despite the Centre’s cut on excise duty on petrol, Telangana State Government did not follow suit and is unlikely to do so anytime soon. Currently, it levies a VAT of 35% on petrol.

This state earns heavily from the petrol tax or VAT. It makes nearly ₹ 10,000 crores from petrol tax.

Here is the tax break-up on the price of petrol.


Effective as of 27th Jan (in ₹ per litre)

Price charged to dealers

₹48.23 per litre

Excise duty (Levied by the Central Government)

₹27.90 per litre

Average dealer commission

₹5.44 per litre

VAT (Levied by the State Government)

₹26.63 per litre {35% of (fuel price charged to dealers + excise duty + avg. dealer commission)}

Retail selling price at Telangana

₹108.2 per litre

(Note: The above table serves as an example to explain the petrol tax breakup, with data taken from reliable and authorised sources, as of 27th Jan 2022. The actual prices, however, may vary as fuel price, dealer’s commission, cess and other such aspects change periodically. Check the latest petrol prices in Telanaga)

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