Petrol Tax in West Bengal: Different Types of Taxes Applicable on Petrol

What is the Petrol Tax Levied in West Bengal?


The total tax on petrol in West Bengal is a combination of Central Excise Duty and VAT. Now, a central government levies an excise duty while states levy VAT. After that, the resultant price is what we pay for petrol or diesel. Here, we have mentioned the approximate petrol tax in West Bengal 2021 along with this latest breakup of fuel price.

Here is a table enlisting the various taxes and other components of petrol price in West Bengal.

Components of Petrol Price

Rates (Per Litre)

Base Price

₹44.20 per litre (approx.)

Central Excise Duty + Cess

₹27.90 per litre

Value Added Tax

₹19.27approximately (base price + government excise duty)

Petrol Pump’s Commission

₹3.47 per litre approx.

Final Price


At present, petrol price in West Bengal is ₹105.21. The central government has reduced excise duty by ₹5 on petrol price. However, the Bengal government has not slashed VAT yet.

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