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Differences Between NEFT and RTGS Money Transfer Methods

What is NEFT?

What is RTGS?

What is the Difference Between NEFT & RTGS?

In the following table, you will gain a clearer concept of NEFT vs RTGS through their differences.




Nature of settlement

Settled in batches


Minimum transfer amount

₹ 1

₹ 2 lakh

Settlement Time

2 Hours


Availability of service

24 X 7

Depends on the bank

Transaction charges

No charges applicable

RTGS charges are ₹ 30 for outward transactions of amounts between ₹ 2 lakh & ₹ 5 lakh; ₹ 55 on transaction amounts exceeding ₹ 5 lakh.

Although there are multiple differences between NEFT and RTGS, both payment methods are equally safe and secure and can be used at your convenience. These electronic fund transfer facilities provided by the RBI have helped us take an important step towards an advanced economy.

FAQs about NEFT and RTGS Difference