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Trademark Renewal Process in India

What Are the Requirements for Renewal of Trademark Registration?

Certain documents and application forms are mandatory to complete the process of renewing a trademark registration. Here are the requirements for the renewal of a trademark in India:


Documents Required for Trademark Renewal: Documents required for trademark renewal are mentioned below:

Duplicate copy of  trademark registration certificate

Power of Attorney, in case an applicant is an agent or authorised representative.

A copy of the trademark renewal application (form TM-A which is )


Forms Required for Trademark Renewal:

One must submit certain forms for a trademark renewal process along with the required fees. The list of forms required for renewing a trademark is mentioned below:

Type of Form Purpose Cost (Physically Filling) Cost (E-filling)
TM-R Application form for renewal of registered trademark by its owner ₹10000 ₹9000
TM-R Additional surcharge for renewing a registered trademark ₹5000 + renewal fee ₹4500 + renewal fee
TM-18 An affidavit supporting the statement - -

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