Shop Insurance made simple!

What’s great about Digit’s Shopkeeper Insurance Policy?

  • Quick Online Claims - Our shopkeepers insurance is technology-enabled, so making claims are not only easy to make, but easy to settle too.
  • Customize Sum Insured - Allows you to customize your sum insured based on the nature and size of your business!
  • Complete Protection - Offers protection against natural calamities as well as burglary, malicious acts and terrorism.

What’s Covered in Digit’s Shopkeeper Insurance Policy



  • Protection from any accidental fires that cause damage to your shop or the contents in your shop.
Natural Calamities

Natural Calamities

  • Safeguards your shop and goods from damages arising due to natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.


  • Any damages caused to the shop or its contents due to an accidental explosion is covered.


  • Any accidental implosions resulting in damages of the shop or its goods


  • In the case where riots lead to damages to the shop or its contents are covered


  • Burglaries leading to damage and loss of the shop and its goods are covered for


  • Damages caused to the shop or its contents due to acts of terrorism
Malicious Damages

Malicious Damages

  • Damages caused to the shop or its contents due to malicious acts

Know how much you should cover your shop for

A simple example of a toy shop

Shop has 1000 toys

Stuffed tag

Each toy costs ₹ 1000/-

₹10,00,000/- is the correct coverage amount

With us, get access to VIP claims

After you buy our shopkeeper insurance plan, you live tension free as we have a simple digital claims process!

Step 1

Call us at 1800-10304448 or email us at and your loss will be registered with us.

Step 2

A self-inspection link will be sent to you so you can easily upload photos and videos of the loss incurred at your shop or its contents.

Step 3

Once you’ve completed the self-inspection process, the damage is assessed and verified and if required (in specific situations where the losses can’t be analyzed digitally), a loss assessor may be appointed.

Step 4

Depending on the situation, our customer care will let you know if we need any additional documents such as a FIR, non-traceable report, fire brigade report (in the case of fire), invoices, purchase documents, sales reports, etc.

Step 5

If all is good, and the loss is verified, you will receive payment and compensations for the respective damages and losses.

Step 6

The payment is either processed via PayTM or a NEFT transfer.

Who needs a Shop Insurance policy?

If you own and manage a shop of your own, selling a range or selective line of products such as clothes, toys, household items, accessories, etc. You will need a shop insurance to ensure your shop is protected and covered to prevent any business losses.
A shopkeeper's insurance policy is a must for shop owners who run their shops as a primary source of income. This is because the risk of losing your shop or suffering from financial losses due to the same is a lot higher than someone who runs a shop as part of a side business.
Owners who own multiple shops will need a shopkeeper's insurance policy for each of their shops. Insuring your business doesn’t only protect your shwop and goods from unforeseen circumstances but, essentially ensures you don’t face any unplanned financial losses that may affect the stability of your business.
Business owners whose shops are situated in low-lying areas. This is because your shop would be a lot more prone to damages due to natural calamities or something even as common as a heavy rainfall.
Businessmen or businesswomen owning shops in popular parts of the city, as these shops would be more prone to more risks.

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