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RERA Act in Bihar: Overview, Rules, & Registration Process

What Is the RERA Act in Bihar?

What Are the Rules of RERA in Bihar?

What Is the Registration Process of RERA in Bihar for a Project?

Documents Required for Registration of a Project Under the RERA Act in Bihar

What Is the Registration Process of the RERA Act in Bihar for a Project Agent?

What Are the Registration Charges of RERA in Bihar?

The details regarding the fee of Bihar RERA act include –


Registration Charges Required

For Type of Project


For Registration of Residential Projects that do not exceed 1,000 sq/m

₹ 5 lakh

For all other Mixed, Residential, and Commercial Projects

₹ 7 lakh

Additional Charges Required



Documents Copies (First 5 Pages)

₹ 100

Documents Copies (Exceeding 5 Pages)

₹ 20 for each Page

Written Statement Filing

₹ 200

POA During Hearing

₹ 50

Restoration of Case

₹ 500

Case File Inspection

₹ 200

Project Local Site Inspection by the Authority

₹ 3,000 (within 30 km)₹ 6,000 (30 km to 60 km)₹ 10,000 (above 60 km)

Application Amendment for Registration

₹ 1,000

Response Submission to Queries

₹ 1,000

Quarterly Progress Report Submission of Each Project

₹ 1,000

Audited Statement Submission of Account of the Project

₹ 1,000

How to Search Registered Projects Under RERA in Bihar Online?

How to Search Registered Agents Under RERA in Bihar Online?

How to Raise a Complaint Under RERA in Bihar Online?

How to Access Progress Report Under RERA in Bihar Online?

What Are the Benefits of RERA in Bihar?

FAQs about RERA in Bihar