List of Landslide Prone Areas in India

What Are the Landslide Prone States in India?


Some landslide prone states in India are as follows-

Landslide Prone Areas

States & Cities

Western Himalaya

Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal

Eastern & North-Eastern Himalaya

West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim

Naga-Arakan Mountain belts

Tripura, Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur

Western Ghat region & Nilgiri

Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Goa

Meghalaya Plateau comprising Peninsular India

The north-eastern part of India

List of Landslide Affected Areas in India till Date

Major Landslide Zones in India Hit till Date

Year & Responsible Factor

Impact Due to the Destruction

Guwahati landslide in Assam

18th September 1948 due to Heavy rain

500 people died, and an entire village was buried under it

Darjeeling landslide in West Bengal

4th October 1968 due to Flood

More than 1000 people died, and a 60km highway was broken into 91 parts

Malpa landslide in Uttarakhand

Consecutive landslides for 7 days between 11th to 17th August 1998 due to Earthquake

An entire village was washed off with 380 people

Mumbai landslide in Maharashtra

10th July 2000 due to Heavy rain

67 people died

Amboori landslide in Kerala

9th November 2001 due to Heavy rain

40 people died

Kedarnath landslide in Uttarakhand

16th July 2013 due to Flood

5700 people died, and 42,00 villages were affected

Malin landslide in Maharashtra

30th July 2014 due to Heavy rainfall

151 people died, and more than 100 were missing

Karimgang and Hilakandi landslide in Assam

18th May 2016 due to Pre-monsoon precipitation

More than 50 people died and caused severe damage to agricultural land, cattle, and properties.

Kotrupi landslide in Himachal Pradesh

13th August 2017 due to Excessive rainfall

More than 50 people died, 40 were missing, and there were severe casualties

Kuwari landslide in Uttarakhand

10th March 2018 due to Heavy rainfall

More than 400 people died, and 106 houses perished

Pettimudi landslide in Kerela

6th August 2020 due to incessant rainfall

80 people died, and many casualties occurred

Preventive Measures Taken in Areas Generally Prone to Landslides

Insurance Policies for People Living in Landslide Prone Areas

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