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What is Angioplasty Surgery? - Types, How to Prepare & Cost

What Is an Angioplasty?

What Does Angioplasty Help to Treat?

What Are the Different Types of Angioplasty?

How Should I Prepare for Angioplasty?

What Are the Risks of Angioplasty?

What to Expect Before Angioplasty?

What to Expect During Angioplasty?

What to Expect After Angioplasty?

When Should I Call the Doctor?

Are There Alternatives to Standard Angioplasty?

What is the cost of an Angioplasty in India?

Types of Angioplasty

Cost of Surgery in India (May vary across cities)

Stents angioplasty

Approximately ₹ 1.2 lakhs to ₹ 1.6 lakhs

Balloon angioplasty

Approximately ₹ 1.2 lakhs to ₹ 3.68 lakhs

In conclusion, Angioplasty offers life-saving treatment for the above-mentioned health conditions. A blocked artery can lead to serious health problems. In preventing heart attacks, gangrene and stroke, angioplasty and stenting has been effective.

FAQs About Angioplasty